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Win One of Two Full Microsoft Expression Studio 3 Licences

To be in with a chance of winning one of the copies simply leaving a comment below or send an e-mail to phil@thewebdesignblog.co.uk

Please note: Unfortunately this competition is only available to UK residents, please accept our apologies if you are outside of the UK.

Expression Studio 3

I use Expression Web as my main editor on my PC for HTML and CSS coding. The interface is clean, intuitive, extremely quick to work with and supports multiple schemas.  The particular highlights of Expression Web for myself are the superb FTP manager which allows you to quickly connect to different sites to make edits (very handy for maintaining multiple client websites) and the “Super Preview” which lets you check your website in different web browsers (including multiple versions of Internet Explorer)

If you use a PC to write HTML and CSS code I strongly recommend you download a 60 day trial of Expression Web at http://www.microsoft.com/expression/ and try it out for yourself.


The competition is for one of two licences for the complete Expression Studio 3 suite including all 5 of these elements:

  • Expression Web
  • Expression Blend™
  • SketchFlow
  • Expression Design
  • Expression Encoder 3

To be in with a chance of winning one of the answers simply leaving a comment below or e-mailing phil@thewebdesignblog.co.uk

The competition runs until the 30th May 2010

The two winners will be chosen at random by www.wearesocial.net who will send the product to the winner within a week of getting the winners contact details.

Unfortunately this competition is only available to UK residents.

Requirements: PC running on Windows XP & Service Pack 2, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Expression Web

More Information about Expression Studio

  • SketchFlow prototypes are fast, easy and inexpensive to build, making it possible to create, explore and compare multiple ideas before moving forward with a solution. Learn More
  • Expression Web makes creating compliant standards-based Web sites faster and easier. With a state-of-the-art design surface that generates clean CSS, you can make design decisions on the fly, knowing that you’re seeing a faithful representation of the final browser-rendered page. Learn More
  • Expression Blend™ is the tool for interaction design on the Silverlight and .NET platforms and enables user experience concepts to be delivered with full fidelity, from the initial prototype to the completed project. Learn More
  • Expression Design is a professional design tool for creating graphics content that can be used within the authoring applications in Expression Studio: Expression Blend and Expression Web. Learn More
  • Expression Encoder 3 provides the power of industry leading encoding, in a simple approachable interface to make it easy to prepare video for use in a variety of ways, including Silverlight on the Web. Learn More

You can download a 60 day trial at http://www.microsoft.com/expression/

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  1. Hi Clive, thanks for commenting!

    I’ve not had very much experience with Dreamweaver (which I know is bizarre for a web designer!)

    I’ve been using Expression Web since version 2 and have always got on well with the code editor mainly. The one feature it is lacking that I like in Dreamweaver is the code collapse options. The killer feature for me is the way it handles FTP. Very nice and quick. You can dip in and out of sites quickly which really speeds up my workflow.

    I know some designers may be put off by Expression Web and think it is just a newer version of Frontpage but it is totally different and written from the ground up. Produces a much nicer output!

    If anything, it is good to have another decent rival for Dreamweaver to help encourage both Microsoft and Adobe to keep improving their software.

  2. I’ve been a Dreamweaver user since it’s days with Macromedia. Until Expression there wasn’t anything to touch it, but now there’s real competition!
    I’m very curious about Expression though haven’t yet used it. One of the biggest attractions is the ability to easily compare rendering in different browsers – one of the biggest headaches for designers and developers in my opinion!!
    Still, CS5 is promising some good features…let the battle begin!

  3. I prefer a mix of open source and free tools myself…but thats mostly cos i’m tight! Phil we’ll have to meet up again soon and you can give me a tour of expression and try and convince me!

    Notepad all the way yeeeeehaw.

  4. I must say i’m up for a bit of expression studio. I was given the original by miscrosoft as part of a scheme while I was doing my course so would love to use the new one as I hear there are alot of improvements.

  5. Thanks for the 60 day free trial link, I used a similar 30 day free dreamweaver trial and put together a half decent site for practice.

    Does anyone know if expression studio 3 is hugely different from dreamweaver cs5?

  6. I know some designers may be put off by Expression Web and think it is just a newer version of Front page but it is totally different and written from the ground up. Produces a much nicer output!
    Enjoying using this helpful tool for developing in various technologies.

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