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Web Design Inspiration #3

1. Gift Rocket

The mega talented Mike Kus has redesigned Gift Rocket, the San Fransico based online gift card website. As soon as you see the site it stands out as being one of Mike’s designs with a sublime subtle colour scheme and quirky illustrations.

Gift Rocket

2. Reverend Danger

Reverend Danger are a digital agency who specialise in harmonious interactive design and their website showcases their skills. Scroll down to page to view some of their animations and interactive website elements. Top work!

Reverend Danger

3. Autoglym High Definition Wax

The wonderful mix of strong red and dark grey colour scheme is complimented by clear product photography on the Autoglym High Definition Wax website.

Autoglym HD Wax

4. Ala

Wow! The Ala Studio website shows off their bold design talent and creative coding with a memorable website. Scroll down their website and enjoy the various effects and visual delights!


5. MyChoicePad

The guys at FHOKE have rolled our another lovely design, this time MyChoicePad gets the benefit of their talents with a clear and easy to read site that does a great job of promoting their app.


6. Artua

Artua Design Agency create icons, websites, logos and user interfaces with a very high level of quality. Their portfolio speaks for itself!


7. Mathieu Clauss

Mathieu’s portfolio site is just as good as his client work featuring a lovely colour scheme and geometric design.

Mathieu Clauss

8. Nizo App

You’ve probably already seen the Nizo App website but if you haven’t click the image below and scroll down their site. Pretty incredible, eh?

Nizo App

9. Havoc Inspired

Ryan Taylor has recently started freelancing after working for Headscape and his new site is a superb example of a single page portfolio site.

Havoc Inspired

10. Cake Sweet Cake

The Cake Sweet Cake website makes their products look good enough to eat. Mmmm, cakes.

Cake Sweet Cake


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  1. Most of these are very slick! My only concern would be how practical these would be. While some people do require something a bit fancier, most of us will settle for something a bit more traditional (ie slider, sidebar, content). Thanks for putting the list together!

  2. Sme perfect examples of how any site can look great if the attention to detail is there. Even if the idea is simple, so long as it has been executed precisely and nothing is out of place, not a single margin, it’ll look professional. Awesome.

  3. When looking at screenshots of website which are being recommended for their design, I usually skim through and only look at those which instantly catch my eye. I find this almost always throws up the best visual designs. Interactivity and other aspects of a web design come later when you actually visit the site.

    To see a small screenshot of a site gives you a distanced view of the layout and visual impact of the design which is not there when you visit the site itself.

    The site which stood out from those above was the Mathieu Clauss site – refreshingly different.

  4. Some really nice designs in here and some true design inspiration for me as a fellow web designer. The designs that stood out for me the most is gift rocket, artua and nizo app. They don’t look alike but they all stand out for me and that first impact really makes a difference and keeps people on your website

  5. A wide selection of styles there. I’m very much liking the retro trend. I find the knocked-back look much easier on the eye than high contrast designs.

    It will be interesting to see how design changes, due to the march of the smartphones.

  6. Thank you ! Great designs ! It’s hard to find ones. As a tip, do you know the iPhone app “Speedy Web in the pocket” ? I use it to keep a track of great site designs I can find surfing on the web. It’s great for that.

  7. These websites are excellent examples of how creative designs should be done the proper way. All too often we find really cool sites but the user has no idea how to use them. The designers did a great job with these.

    For what it’s worth, I used Gift Rocket this last Christmas and it was awesome.

  8. Thought this was a great article. I found the designs very interesting and inspiring to look at. I love articles and examples like these because it shows me what is out there and how I can push my own design work. Great article and I love forward to seeing more from you.

  9. Amazing design.

    For me all of them seems to be “bigger”, I mean, with more effective and wide space, and that space gives the design more power.
    The clients are not easy to convince to use this kind of design.

  10. hi Phil ;
    The designs you have posted here are just looking as the designs available in wordpress but there are some points where it differs from them and the first one of the designs is the best way of represent the ideas.As a designer it is like a textbook to see through.

  11. Great post Phil ! Lots of valuable information on creating clean, attractive, and precise design. This is really helpful and well thought out. Fantastic sites for referring Web designs. I think you have put together a great variety of sites.

  12. I really like that so much is put up front on the first page. I agree that the first page should be simple, and easy to scan to find the products or services that you want. A lot of really great designs here.

  13. They are inspirational. But i guess we should also consider Call To Action and Conversion if we are going to target our audience through search engines. All of the time spent to rank the website will be wasted if a user came to website like the site graphics but did not convert.

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