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Web Design Inspiration #2

1. Vector Mill

Gorgeous colour scheme, textures and attention to detail in the logo from the recently launched Vector Mill – check it out!

Vector Mill

2. Strawberry Jam

Mmmm… this website looks good enough to eat! Strawberryj.am is a new service designed to show trends from your followers rather than the whole of Twitter. The site has some lovely illustrations.

Strawberry Jam

3. WindowSeat App

The main reason I’ve included the website for the recently launched WindowSeat iPhone app is because the icon is gorgeous. The attention to detail on the colours and highlights would grace any iPhone home screen.


4. Pointless Corp.

Pretty much everything about the Pointless Corp website is dripping with quality! The textures, mixture of subtle and bold colours and illustration all stand out as highlights.

Pointless Corp

5. Mobile Me

The new Mobile Me home page / log in page is packed full of lovely little effects. The bold colours and glow effects show off the talents of Apple’s design team.


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  1. Vector Mill is a really nice website design, great use of colours and textures. Strawberry Jam uses illustration very well and I love the fixed background, works well. The other designs are not bad but they lack that something special. The link on the mobile me title doesn’t work but clicking on the image does.

    Overall a couple of nice designs but very few

    check out http://www.awwwards.com/ for some more great designs

  2. Some really great examples of design in this article. I found them very inspiring and from looking at this collection has made me think about how I approach my design work. I am always looking how I can improve and push my design work and with articles like this, my design work can only move forward and keep improving. Great article and I look forward to more from yourself.

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