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Web Design Inspiration #1

1. The Little Cake Parlour

The gorgeous photography mixed with a vintage style of The Little Cake Parlour make you want to grab in to the screen and eat one of their cupcakes!

The Little Cake Parlour

2. Lost World’s Fairs

To coincide with the launch of Internet Explorer 9 which supports WOFF these 3 websites have been put together by Friends of Mighty to show off some serious eye candy.

Lost World's Fairs

3. BaseApp

A simple website to promote BaseApp with a beautiful purple space background.


4. Creative Boom

The colours and imagery jump out of the screen which help this online magazine stand out from the crowd.

Creative Boom

5. Amazee Labs

The new Amazee Labs website (designed by Mike Kus) mixes Mike’s hand drawn style with some fantastic typography.

Amazee Labs

6. Urban Coffee Company

The new Urban Coffee Company website mixes great design with some nice social network integration.

Urban Coffee Company

7. Wez Maynard

Wez launched his new website earlier in the year and the amount of work, time and effort put in to the site it is obvious!

Wez Maynard

8. Bamboo Travel

I really like the colour scheme used on the site, it seems to work very well.

Bamboo Travel

9. Guifx

The Guifx website is packed full of incredible examples of icon design and graphics.


10. BigAudioAds

Big bold imagery and clear package pricing make the BigAudioAds website informative and easy to use.


That’s it for this first instalment.

If you have any suggestions for great websites to feature in the next collection please feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Nice collection. I really like the creative boom website. The header instantly grabs the users attention with the bold colours and strong imagery. And the various textures and font choices suite the theme very well.
    Thanks for this list all the sites will come in handy when i need inspiration for my web site designs.

  2. Number 8 is my favorite. I like the color-choice – it’s simple and good looking. I’ve always wondered – how do you find sites like this? Is there a site where you pick and choose them?

  3. Really like the selection of websites here authough a bit slim, i think its essential for web designers to keep up to date with what other designers are doing with websites and inspire others to step up their game. I find it really helpful to see trends others are using to then develop and evolve them into something new.

    Favouretes sites are Creative Boom, BigAudioAds

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