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The Squarespace Note App is Great, But I Think There is a Better Option

This is very handy for taking notes or sending yourself reminders that you can follow up on later when you check your email inbox. The Squarespace Note app also lets you send these notes to a Squarespace, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook or Evernote account at the same time which expands the possibilities of the app.

Squarespace Note v Captio
When I first tried the app it immediately reminded me of a similar app by Boonbits called Captio that I’ve been using many times every day since Jon Hicks wrote a blog post about it. I’ve had this app on my iPhone since October 2010 and I use it many times every day. It’s such a simple idea but has been executed to perfection. Like the Squarespace Note app you write a note and send it to your e-mail address. Sounds simple on paper, and it is, but it is so handy. The simplest ideas are always the best.

Captio only sends notes to an e-mail address but that is the main purpose I want it for so that is absolutely fine by me. Both apps store a history of the notes you view within the app and other than that the apps have refreshingly few distractions on the screen. I’ve set it up so that when an e-mail from either app arrives in my Gmail inbox it is given a label called “notes” so I can easily organise and find them again.

CaptioButtons or Gestures

One difference is the way you interact with the apps. Captio uses a simple button to send notes and has another button to view previous notes. Squarespace Note requires you to swipe to the left or right to view notes and accounts and swipe up to send a note. I haven’t found the Sqaurespace Note gestures to be as fast or responsive as the simple button system used by Captio but I can imagine a gesture based system may be preferential to some.

UPDATE: Squarespace have just informed me you can access the application settings in your iPhone settings panel that lets you enable a small button to replace the gesture sending.


The main reason I will keep using Captio is the speed. I’ve found the startup speed, note sending speed and overall responsiveness a lot faster with Captio. I’m using an iPhone 4 so it may not be the case on newer iPhones but overall Captio seems so much faster and responds almost instantly – exactly what I want when jotting down quick ideas or reminders to send to my e-mail inbox. Everything is done in 3 steps: Launch Captio, type your note then click send. Much faster than composing an email in Mail which takes 6 to 7 steps. It’s all about speed!

Both apps do their job very well and are very handy indeed. Squarespace Notes is free of charge and ideal for users wanting to send notes to several sources while Captio is just 69p and perfect for sending yourself quick email reminders and notes so I’d recommend you give them both a go.

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  1. In Squarespace Note, if you access the application settings area (from your iPhone settings panel) — you can enable a small invisible(ish) button in Squarespace Note to replace the gesture based sending, as well as enable a swipe down to send mode.

  2. I have tried many note apps but I think that sticky note is the best application it is easy to use. It even has some great features like Alarms and Bump sharing. Thanks Phil for reviewing those applications.

  3. This is a brilliant little app.

    I have found that when I do remember to make a note of something, il pop it in my note’s app (ever note) and then Il completely forget about it until I go to add a new note.

    However I check my emails every few hours so, this comes in really handy.


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