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The Pocket Guide Series from Five Simple Steps

Creating Symbol Fonts by Brian Suda and CSS3 Layout Modules by Rachel Andrew are both short titles (hence the Pocket Guide classification) but were packed full of useful advice and wisdom.

The Pocket Guide series are eBook only releases and can be read in just a couple of hours. The layout and design is classic Five Simple Steps and compliments the bite-size topics very well. Each title has additional resources and links to help you continue learning about the subject from other sources.

Yesterday the second two titles in the first collection were released (The Craft of Words – Part One: Macrocopy by The Standardistas and Psychology for Designers by Joe Leech) and I’ll be publishing a full review of these titles shortly.

If you’ve already purchased Collection One you will receive these two titles free of charge. If you haven’t purchased Collection One you can get it for just £6.00 (VAT will be added for UK customers) or you can buy each individual title for £2.00 each which is incredible value for money.

Learn more at: http://www.fivesimplesteps.com/collections/books

If you’ve read the previous two Pocket Guide series titles please leave a few words in the comments section below.


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