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Skala Color 2 Released For OS X

Bjango have released a free update to to their popular Skala colour picker tool for OS X and it’s better than ever. Skala Color was one of my favourite colour pickers for OS X and this week Bjango have released the follow up completely free of charge.

Simple enough to be used as your day-to-day colour picker Skala also excels for more specific tasks such as web design or software development. One handy feature is if you copy a colour code to the clipboard Skala will recognise it and present it to you as a swatch.

The best news is Skala Color 2 is free to help Bjango promote their upcoming Skala design tool. New features added to version 2 include support for Swift and a random colour generator.

You can learn more or download Skala Color 2 at the Bjango website.

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