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September 2009 Monthly Roundup

Our first 30 days…

It has been a very exciting month and I’ve learned so much about blogging in the first 30 days. It has been a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to October.

Although we didn’t set any specific targets for visitors or subscribers I’m pleased to report our traffic was a lot higher than I’d anticipated. Much of this traffic was from CSS Remix who featured us on their home page. Thanks guys!

October Preview

We’ve got some fantastic posts lined up for October including a huge collection of free credit card icons that we are putting the finishing touches to at the moment. They’ll look great on any e-commerce shop and will be provided in various file formats and sizes.

Credit Card Preview


If you haven’t had a chance to read the five interviews we’ve published I highly recommend you take a look. Paul Stanton, Clive Walker, John O’Nolan, Stuart MacKenzie and Neil Dennis have shared their knowledge, tips and advice on all aspects of design including web design, business development and photography.

If you are working in the web design industry and you’d like to take part in an interview please get in touch to introduce yourself.

Alternatively, if there is someone in the industry that you admire and would like to see interviewed please let us know and we’ll attempt to arrange this.

Recent Redesigns

This week several popular websites have launched brand new designs. Take a look:

Graphic River

Graphic River (and the other Envato marketplace websites)

UX Booth

UX Booth

John O'Nolan's Blog

John O’Nolan’s Blog

See you in October…

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and help with the first 30 days, we hope you like what we have in store for next month! 🙂

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