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Review of Minibooks iPhone App for Freshbooks

iTunes Links: Minibooks | Minibooks Lite

Minibooks iPhone App for Freshbooks


Minibooks is a third party iPhone App developed by Groovy Squared that integrates with the online invoicing tool Freshbooks.

As a Freshbooks user myself I was extremely keen to try Minibooks as soon as it was released earlier this year. I had previously tried the official Freshbooks iPhone app but this only allowed for basic timer features and didn’t offer any integration with actual invoicing.

The first time I loaded Minibooks I realised it would be an application I’d be using regularly. The gorgeous interface allows you to view your invoices, create new ones, add clients, send estimates and track time all from your iPhone.

Everything seamlessly syncs with Freshbooks (both ways) and is a real pleasure to use.


  • Create and edit clients
  • Search clients
  • Contact clients through the application
  • Create, edit and send invoices
  • Preview your invoice in an iPhone optimised template
  • Search by invoice number or invoice status
  • Create and edit payments
  • Create, edit and send estimates to clients
  • Convert estimates to invoices
  • Start a timer with a single tap
  • Run multiple timers together
  • Timers continue run even if you exit the application


Some iPhone apps have such intuitive interfaces you really do look forward to using them. I’m please to report that Minibooks is one of these. As soon as you load it up the sleek, dark background gives a classy feel before you a presented with a list of your clients. From here you can add new clients or view your client’s contact details. The layout is logical and works very well.

The next button across the bottom is for invoices. Not surprisingly you will be spending quite a bit of time in this section! You are presented with a list of all your invoices with the most recent at the top. The status of the invoice (eg. sent, viewed or paid) is also displayed next to the invoice amount. You can click each invoice to view the full details, send a copy to the client or make changes to the invoice.

MiniBooks TimerCreating a brand new invoice is simple. Simply click the “plus” button at the top right, select the client from your client list (which is loaded directly from your Freshbooks account) then add items to the invoice. Any Freshbook invoice items that you’ve previously created are also loaded in automatically so you don’t have to type everything in by hand.

You can even adjust the terms and conditions and add notes directly from the invoice creation page. In fact, nearly everything you can do on the Freshbooks website can be achieved in the palm of your hand.

Once you’ve created your invoice you can send it to the client. It will also be synced to your Freshbooks account and will show up when you next log in to Freshbooks. Seamless!

Adding a timer is ridiculously easy to do. Simply click the “plus” item and hit “start timer”. You don’t have to enter a name or client for the timer (you can do that later) and the timer will keep counting even if you exit the app. You can pause the timer, connect it to a client or project before finally submitting them to Freshbooks. Multiple timers is also supported and work like a charm.

A recent update saw estimates added to the feature list and these are created in a similar fashion to invoices. The app supports several different currency codes and symbols and allows you to create default terms and conditions that will be sent along with your invoice.


If you have an iPhone and a Freshbooks account then I can’t recommend Minibooks highly enough. The app lets you manage your invoicing from anywhere in the world. Whether you are just checking your invoice status on the train or creating new invoices in a coffee shop you’ll find Freshbooks a really pleasure to use. Some apps are so intuitive and damn useful that you can’t help but recommend them and Minibooks is definitely one of those. If you aren’t convinced you can download a “lite” version which will let you try out the app before buying.

If you’ve already tried Minibooks I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions on improvements or future features you’d like to see!

Links: FreshbooksMinibooksMinibooks Lite

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