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September 2009 Monthly Roundup

It's the end of The Web Design Blog's first month and I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for reading our articles and contributing comments and suggestions about the website. Here is a roundup of September and a preview of what you can expect in October...
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Interview with Photographer Stuart Mackenzie

Stuart Mackenzie is a part-time photographer and web geek living in Weymouth, Dorset. He's had a long term passion for good design and is a self-confessed social networking junkie. In between shooting photographs, holding down a day job, blogging and designing the odd website he also tries to not neglect his Wife and Daughter.
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Interview with John O’Nolan of Lyrical Media

John O'Nolan is a happy-go-lucky web designer and entrepreneur from West Sussex in the United Kingdom. He specialises in user interface design, CSS, and Wordpress development. You can find his recent work on his company website, and his regular ramblings about owning and running a web design business on his personal website.
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