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OneTab: A Chrome Extension To Reduce Your Tabs and Save Your Memory

If you’re anything like me you’ll often find yourself having more tabs open than you can deal with. I find myself using them as a crude to-do list of things to read later or catch up on which is not productive in the slightest.

Another downside with so many tabs open is that your computer’s memory will reduce considerably as each website uses resources from the browser even when you aren’t viewing that page. In the past I’ve tried Chrome extensions that ‘turn off’ tabs when they haven’t been used for a certain amount of time which can help but I’ve recently found a much better solution called OneTab.

I found about this little gem when it was recommended by Joel Hughes on Twitter. The ideas is simple: If you’ve got too many tabs open to deal with but you don’t want to lose them you simply click the OneTab icon and every tab (apart from pinned tabs) will disappear and be saved in a list for when you need to restore them.

The list of tabs is organised by date so you can easily find things you need when you want them. There is also an option re-open all the tabs at once to effectively restore them to their state before you closed them. You can re-order the tabs in your list and even delete them if you don’t think you’ll need them again.

In addition to the clear benefits of reducing tab clutter the main benefit for me is giving your computer a little speed boost. OneTab claim you can save up to 95% of your memory when reducing the tabs. This number is perhaps a little high but there is no denying you’ll see a vast drop in how much memory Chrome is using when you click the OneTab button to remove (at least temporarily) your open tabs.

OneTab is free to use and simple to setup and is by far the most useful Chrome extension I’ve used to date!


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  1. This extension, I think, will solve lots of my problems!Actually I have been working on a research project, where I need to have many tabs opened, so that I can view them one by one. But the downside is that memory consumption increases and most of the websites take a long time to open.

    Many thanks for one tab, I will definitely try it out. If it works fine, I will come again to express my gratitude.

  2. Yes . Now a days lot of peoples adding extentions thier browsers for thier work make simplifying . like this extensions are very welcomeable one in this present internet users…. this one tap tool helps to solve many problems… thanks for sharing…

  3. i am a designer and always getting inspirations from different blogs. that means i am working on different tabs more than 10 at-least, making my life miserable to find out specific tab. thanks for guiding and sharing about onetab chrome extension.

  4. Nice Find! As I write this I count 10 different tabs in Chrome, of which I probably use only 2 or 3 at a time. This is definitely a great find for managing tabs, but also the bloated space that is taken up in memory.

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