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Interview with Inspiredology Creator Chad Mueller

Projekt 19 | Inspiredology | twitter.com/chadmueller
Chad Mueller

What made you decide to start a blog?

I had folder upon folders of inspirational images – business cards, logos, posters, websites. I started collecting them and it just felt dis-organized, so I decided that a blog would help organize the findings, I could quickly hop onto the blog and find all my inspirational pieces.

Where does the inspiration for your articles come from?

The majority of our articles are lists posts – a lot of the articles come from projects. When I get a new project, I am on the hunt for inspiration… I collect them and usually when I am searching I find a lot of great images, so I manage to put them in folders then post them.

Do you find it easy to juggle managing a blog with running a company?

It’s not easy – a blog takes up more time then you think. Right now Inspiredology is run by myself and Andrew who handles all the giveaways, advertising and any marketing related tasks. We just recently opened up our own design studio Projekt19. We also both work corporate jobs, so when we get home we get to work. Inspiredology posts an article three times per week, it helps to get other writers involved. That on it’s own is time consuming to manage and search for writers.

What, in your mind, makes an article interesting?

In my mind, I believe it’s something that hasn’t been talked about much. These days it’s tough to create articles with that theory, just because there are so many articles out there. I remember when I first started the blog 2.5 years ago, I did two posts 120 Brilliant Logos and Cool Business Cards, and to this day they are still the two most popular posts on Inspiredology. The reason is that at the time, I know for a fact that there were less then 3 posts out there that were similar. Today you search in Google, you’ll find multiple pages on the topic.

120 Brilliant Logos

What tips do you have for writing a blog post?

Be yourself, don’t try to write like you are some English major if your not. We are designers first, and we shouldn’t hide that writing isn’t our strongest suit. People will see right through it, and they will also respect you more for being yourself and seeing that you are trying to improve.

What advertising techniques have been the most beneficial to Inspiredology?

I started advertising on Inspiredology by manually emailing, uploading then just having my own calendar set up. This become too much for myself to juggle, writing, maintenance, advertising, plus freelancing and my full time job. I eventually jumped on BuySellAds.com, which took away all of the trouble of managing that aspect of the blog. Right now, I have Andrew that handles all of the advertising, and we are still using BuySell but I think we are working on other alternatives. We are always looking for new ways of managing ads. BuySell is great – but they take a big chunk of our advertising costs.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new Projekt19 studio?

Projekt 19 has been an idea for a couple of years now. Before Inspiredology, when I was freelancing, I went under the name Chad Mueller, I always imagined that one day I would have a studio of some sort. So being the creative person that I am, I was always thinking of names for the company. Not just names, but brands, what the company could offer, how the business would be managed. I finally decided that I needed to take my freelancing career to the next level. That’s where Andrew comes in, we have been long time friends. After school we took two different paths, he went more marketing and advertising, I went design. I knew he would be a good partner to have, really offset our skills. He could help bring in business and market the company while I could handle all the creative.


We sat down, ironed out the details, business plan, numerous logo’s and concepts. About a month ago we launched, and thus far we have had very positive feedback, and a good workload – enough to keep us busy.

How do you keep everything organized with your blog and studio?

We are currently using Project Bubble, there are so many different apps, it was very frustrating finding one that we could use. We finally decided on Project Bubble because it was free at the time, and the developer Stu was constantly making updates, as well as listening to the user feedback. Which only met he was very passionate and his customer support was out of this world.

What other web design or development blogs do you enjoy reading?

There are so many, Smashing Mag has always been great, I enjoy the Fuel blogs, Line25, BuildInternet, Soh Tanaka, Inspired Mag, Web Design Ledger so many to list.

Inspiredology Lab Teaser

Finally, do you have any advice for people starting their own blog?

Yeah make sure you know what you are getting into, if you just want to write posts – think about writing for other blogs. Don’t feel that because you want to write, doesn’t mean you have to start a blog. You can have your voice heard other ways… many popular bloggers don’t have blogs but write on numerous websites.

Thanks for the interview, Chad!

Projekt 19Inspiredologytwitter.com/chadmueller

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  1. Great interview!

    “Be yourself, don’t try to write like you are some English major if your not.”

    Completely agree here, when you read a blog and can tell that the writer clearly had no idea of the real meaning of a word used…terrible!

  2. A really helpful interview, when your a designer you are expected to be a content writer and numerous other roles if you are freelance. Its nice to read encouragement that to write a blog, having personality and not being word perfect is allowed, as we are designers first.

  3. I use a lot of blogs and I really enjoy reading them, to be able to complete them myself though I think would be a big thing to do. Although I do agree that it could easily be a full time job if you commit time to it.

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