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Inspirational Single Colour Logo Designs

We’ve been searching for examples of logos that work fantastically well with just a single colour. Despite the apparent initial simplicity of their designs you soon realise what skill it has taken to create something that works so well without complex colours and details.

Take a look at these fantastic single colour logos featured on www.logomoose.com below:



Vinos Sancti Spiritus






John Smith Photography

Godiva Books

Uptown Pens

Leaf Tree

The Imaginary Zebra

H30 Creative

The Guilde of Food Writers






Catch 5


Star Record

Wake Cup







Sleep RecordsOil


Black Sparrow


Need more inspiration?

If you are still looking for inspiration why not check out the incredible work of late Bulgarian artistΒ Stefan Kanchev who was renowned for his black and white logos and symbols.

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  1. Love it. I’ve always admired logos that are simple but perfectly fulfil there purpose. I think any logo that can make you smile is always a good thing. Some of my favourites include the Codefish, Uptown Pens and the families logos as each of them in there own way has great wit and character about them. Some you could argue verge on Op Art with clever use of negative space etc. Overall a great collection of clever yet simple ideas that are sure to inspire.

  2. Beautiful designs i haven’t seen before. I really enjoyed this awesome collection where the designs are really amazing. Keep doing such like this great jobs. Look forward to hear more from you like this. Thank you so much for sharing this great list.

  3. At first I thought, how can a bunch of logos be inspirational. . .but this was spot on. I am inspired to go design. So many times a company wants a single color for branding, and from a printing perspective, it can save alot of money vs. full color. Awesome logos!

  4. When designing a website with the client wanting to have a logo I do sometimes come a little unstuck so this post is the perfect thing to give me some inspiration. I really like all of the logos and although really simple they work so well. I will next be looking at Stefan Kanchev, thanks for the this post.

  5. A business logo is a visual representation of our business and also important aspect of our business brand. Logo will stand for our business, which will suggest a positive message about our business. You have introduced really great character logos. It is good collection of simple and attractive logos.

  6. All very cool, the –H30 Creative– stood out for me because of the splash effect on the zero, for me this made it seem like observing something happening instead of just a flat design.

    Some good inspiration for single colour logo’s might be found in old world symbols from various countries.

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