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Hello and Welcome to The Web Design Blog!

We’ve got lots of articles lined up for the upcoming weeks and we’d love to hear what kind of things you’d like to see from us in the future.

Please feel free to e-mail us with your suggestions and feedback.

We are also starting a series of industry interviews with web designers and graphic designers covering a broad range of subjects related to design.

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  1. Hi dgi. Thanks for the comment. I am a big fan and subscriber to tutorial9.net and I think the quality of their tutorials and articles is amazing.

    The big buttons/tabs on my site were inspired by the bold navigation on sites like tutorial9.net, pixelresort.com and culturedcode.com because I think it makes navigation very simple, visual and easy for the visitors to use.

    I haven’t tried to base my site on any one particular site but rather design something that is based on several styles and influences to make a website and interface that is easy for people to use.

    Of course, it is still early days and I appreciate the layout is very generic and is like lots of other magazine style blogs which is something I’m hoping to develop and evolve over time.

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your comments 🙂

  2. @DGI, it’s funny you should mention that as Phil and I were discussing just yesterday how things like this get picked up on. I recently completed a design for my blog which also takes some strong points of inspiration from Tutorial9 amongst others, and was called out for it by a large German blog – here’s what I said in response:

    “Essentially – I hope that you can see that while the style is definitely the same, I certainly wasn’t trying to directly copy anyone.

    Now – as for WHY I chose to use that style? In short.. because it works! There’s a reason that those blogs get a lot of traffic – cause they have really great user interfaces. The ad placement maximises exposure for advertisers, the clear graphics demand user attention to the most important elements, and the post area is large and open to accommodate its content.

    You’re right in saying that it’s not unique – but in my mind the only way to make it genuinely unique would be to do something totally different with the user interface. Which would definitely compromise usability.

    When you think about it – a blog is a magazine…. and don’t all magazines look very similar too? There’s a reason for it, certain design styles work well for specific formats – in my opinion this is one of them.”

    What do you think?

    Interestingly, the German author who published the post had a very high level of traffic, and a loyal userbase… but all of them agreed with me.

    Would love to hear your thoughts

  3. Hey Phil,

    Cheers, you have done a great job buddy. I really enjoyed the time when i visited your site. It was very useful to me & i’ve gained lot of information from this tut 9 & from your other posts. Thx for sharing & Keep on doing such a great jobs.

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