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Dot Grid Notepad Review For Web Designers and Illustrators

I purchased one of the A5 size notepads at the end of October last year and thought I’d write a short review about them. I should point out this isn’t a sponsored review, I just really like these notepads and want to help spread the word about them!

Dot Grid Notebook

The idea behind them is simple: each notepad contains 192 pages of very high quality 104gsm stock paper. Each page has equally spaced dots (in Pantone Warm Grey 4, colour fans!) which aid wireframing and sketching. The front and back covers are on thick 350gsm matt laminated cover with a small dotgrid.co logo on the cover.

Since ordering my notepad it has become my first port of call when planning website layouts and have increased the time I spend wireframing designs. The grid format is perfect for measuring and aligning shapes for your designs with plenty of room left for notes. It’s a great format for designing and the dots don’t get in the way of the design like a traditional grid may do.

Dot Grid Notebook

Another nice touch is the use of the wire bind which means you can have the notepads open flat when designing which makes all the difference.

Dot Pattern CloseupOverall, I would highly recommend the Dot Grid notepads for anyone working with design or planning. The generous number of pages, thick paper stock and wire bound pages are all nice touches that compliment the designer-friendly dot pattern perfectly.

My Dot Grid notepad is already half full and I look forward to using it for many more mockups and wireframes. High recommended.

You can learn more or purchase a Dot Grid at http://dotgrid.co

The notepads were created by Callum Chapman

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  1. This is the best notepad I have ever seen! Surely going to get one! The dot concept is really helpful against the solid grid. I would also strongly recommend it to my friends and other designer.

    Thank you so much for sharing

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