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Competition to Win Heart Internet Reseller Hosting Free for a Year!

Heart Internet

About Heart Internet Reseller Professional:

Heart Internet’s Reseller Professional account has been specially tailored for web designers, Internet integrators, web hosting resellers and developers.

The Reseller package includes unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth and the ability to host unlimited domains at no extra charge plus many features that other hosting companies charge for, such as generic secure server access; free use of our generic name servers; and branding of your control panel with your own logo, company name and look and feel. You can add as many Linux or Windows hosting accounts as you like at no extra charge.

At just £29.99 per month the Heart Internet Reseller Professional is outstanding value for money and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, real-time account activation and the ability to cancel anytime.


How many domain names can you host with the Heart Internet Reseller Professional account?

A. 10
B. 100
C. Unlimited

WINNERS! Congratulations to Levi Ripley and Markus Holmroos who were chosen at random by Heart Internet to win the competition. Heart Internet will be in touch with you soon with more information.

My Review of Heart Internet

Heart Internet ScreenshotWhen Heart Internet approached me about running a competition on my website I was delighted because I’ve been a very satisfied reseller with them for nearly 3 years.

I first opened an account with Heart Internet in March 2007 mainly because my previous hosting company had made it very difficult to allow my web design clients to access their own FTP or e-mail accounts. This was fine in the early days but more and more of my clients wanted full control of their accounts so I knew I had to change.

I researched several reseller packages but decided on Heart Internet after reading several positive reviews and trying out their free hosting package to test the water. After a few days of testing their control panel and being very impressed with the technical support (support tickets have always been dealt with promptly) I decided to upgrade to the full reseller package.

I had quite a few websites to transfer over from my old host but it was more than worth doing. Now my clients all have their own control panel to setup e-mail addresses, install software (Heart Internet provide a wide selection of regularly updated software that can be installed with one click) and can manage their hosting account themselves if they want to. It is so much more flexible than what I was used to and a breath of fresh air.

My HostPay systemAt the end of 2007 Heart Internet introduced HostPay which is an automated shopping cart system to allow your customers to order domains, web hosting and administer all parts of their account (view invoices, change contact details etc…)

HostPay connects with several payment systems and you can choose to have everything automated or you can process orders manually if you prefer.

HostPay has been great and has allowed me to offer hosting to new clients rather than just my existing web design clients which is great for earning residual income alongside normal work. There are several templates included but it is quite straightforward to build your own design round the HostPay tags. In fact, pretty all parts of the reseller system are white label and give you complete control of branding!

If you ever need assistance you can contact Heart Internet via their very support ticket system which has proven to be very prompt and helpful. I’ve often got ticket responses within a few minutes (even in the middle of the night!) which is very reassuring that you are in safe hands.

Overall, I am delighted with the services Heart Internet have provided me over the last 3 years and I highly recommend them. If you are a web designer you’ll find their reseller package fantastic.

Good luck with the competition! If you want to try out Heart Internet please click here and click the free hosting option at the bottom of their home page.

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  1. OMG i carnt belive i won, Thank you so much guys, thats really made my day, I have never won anything.

    Its so nice to have luck for once, not had it for a while

    Anyway Web Design Blog
    Good Bless you All
    Levi Ripley

  2. I host one of my websites with heart internet at the moment and am very pleased with the service. I have been considering upgrading to the reseller package for a while now as it looks great. It’s just a bit of a jump in price to £300/year and I’m not sure I’d quite cover the cost at the mo, only getting going really.

    Congratulations to the winners, lucky buggers :o)

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