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Are Your Websites As Secure As Your PC?

Is your website as secure as your PC?
[Source: Heart Internet]

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  1. My opinion is that website are less secure because is more common for a pc to get a virus that for a website to get hacked.
    However, I’ve written an article about that… unfortunately it’s in italian, lol.

  2. Yeah, You are right that websites aren’t much secure than as our PCs. These are some frequent attacks by hackers to hack websites, especially on WordPress. We should have to take some serious measurements to prevent our web from these cyber attacks.

  3. Interesting that there was no mention of keeping software up to date. The only incident of website hacking I’ve come across in my business life was when a WordPress user didn’t update his thumbnail generating plugin, which allowed hackers to upload any files tehy wanted to the server.

  4. That`s a really good question to ask, I would think all the websites that I maintain are safe and secure but in all honesty you never can be sure. As for for my computer just this morning alone my AVG popped up with a malware warning from a website, which was a surprise as it was CNET (a big popular website).

    Fantastic infographic, tweeted it to my followers.

  5. Web security is a real problem, I now take regular backups of my site. I had a friend that lost his WordPress site as he had a weak password and username and didn’t keep his plugins updated.
    A good option is to use a site like DMCA.com to protect your content from fraud – and it’s free.

  6. This infographic is really amazing. It show the biggest problem in the era of the internet: website security. I had a blog on wordprees and I had two captcha security plugins, and even that the spammers get me.

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