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3 Things More Important Than The iTunes 10 Icon

Old iTunes logo and new iTunes logo

If you really don’t like the new iTunes logo you can quite easily change it to a different icon if you can’t bear to look at it.

In fact, several talented folk on Dribbble have already designed some rather snazzy replacements for you to use:

iTunes icon replacement iTunes Icon Replacement iTunes Icon Replacement

So, if you really can’t stand to see the new icon in your dock you can quite simply change it over for something else. Easy! No need to get overly frustrated or angry over an icon.

Instead of moaning about the icon change (which, I’ll admit, I was guilty of doing myself when I first saw it) I’ve come up with a list of three things going on in the world that I think are more important and far more worthy of our concern than the iTunes 10 icon:

3 Genuinely Important Things:

1. Pakistan Floods – Donate online to the DEC Pakistan Floods Appea.

2. World Wildlife Fund – Become a member, adopt an animal or make a donation.

3. Oxfam UK – Get involved, raise money or donate online to Oxfam UK.

Sorry for the ranting blog post, if anything I wrote it to remind myself that an icon is just an icon – something nice to look at – and not something worth getting angry about. 🙂

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  1. Nice article Phil, I also was guilty of having a moan about the icon, but after a couple of hours I felt the same as you, meh! it’s just an icon.

    I might actually adopt an animal for my fiancee’s Xmas 😛

  2. Thanks very much for commenting Imrage. Perhaps I was being a bit over the top but my point was that while it is fine not to like a design (design is subjective after all) I just felt the anger shown towards the new icon was a little too extreme when it is easy to change it if you don’t like it.

    I didn’t like the icon myself when I first saw it but it is growing on me more and more! 🙂

  3. I disagree, you could say that about anything, so why do we make pretty websites ??? In the end is just a website right?

    There is no need to be angry about that red background and yellow font, within few days we would all get used to it anyway isn’t it so ?

    Of course the are more important things in life than an itunes icon, but when nobody gives feedback that the icon in the new itunes look bad than it will never change.

    Take the previous generation of ipod shuffle everybody wanted the buttons back, and what happened now ? Apple came back to the previous design with the buttons.

    I’m just sayin…

  4. I think the new apple icon is relevant for today’s digital media. iTunes makes big business on mp3 downloads and I bet there are few people who import CDs rather than import MP3s. The CD in the background of the old icon is dated and in a few years time the CD may well be obsolete!

  5. I wonder how much of the dislike is simply due to people not liking change. It’s no masterpiece of design, but it’s better than the old one.

    Interesting that it’s the CD of the old one which dates it – presumably the intention behind the change was that we don’t associate CDs with new music any more.

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