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25 Really Useful iPhone Apps for Web Designers

We’ve been testing several of these apps and below are 25 of the very best that we think web designers will find very useful:

1. MiniBooks for FreshBooks


If you’ve got a FreshBooks account then this simply is a must-buy app. You can view all your invoices, create and send new invoices, change the status of the invoice, view and edit clients, create and send estimates and track time. It really is like having FreshBooks in your pocket!

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2. Jobs


Jobs by Bjango is a simple time tracking app which is ideal for freelancers. It supports multiple currencies, lets you assign clients from you phone’s address book, change the hourly rate for each client and export your completed timers by e-mail. It also keeps running when you close the app which is a really handy feature.

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3. Color Stream

Color Stream

Color Stream is one of several colour picker apps available for the iPhone. This new one stands out because it is very simple to use and has a gorgeous interface. You can create colour palettes from scratch or from photos which can then be fine tuned and saved. You can export your swatches by e-mail.

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4. Doris


iPhone users are spoilt for choice when it comes to to-do apps. I’ve tried nearly all of them and the one I keep coming back to is Doris by Seagull Systems Ltd. It doesn’t have all the features of many to-do apps but that is perhaps why it works so well. You create categories and then tasks and can easily rearrange them in order of priority using a simple drag and drop interface. The full website works just as well and is so intuitive to use. Everything synchronises so you can keep your to-do list up to date from your desktop or phone.

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5. Little Snapper

Little Snapper

Little Snapper from RealMac Software is a great little iPhone app that lets you quickly send photos, screenshots or images from your iPhone to your Ember account. The interface has all the charm and style you’ve come to expect from RealMac and is a joy to use. The app also supports multiple accounts and a rather fantastic icon that looks great on your phone.

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6. Analytics


If you run a website it is inevitable you’ll want to keep a close eye on how many people are visiting your site, where they came from and what they searched for. Analytics App for the iPhone will connect to your Google Analytics account and let you view 29 reports using a very simple and easy to read interface. Very highly recommended for tracking mobile analytics and other resources.

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7. Byline


Byline is an RSS reader Phantom Fish for the iPhone that connects and synchronises with Google Reader accounts. The interface is intuitive and from our experience synchronises relatively quickly. You can also view content directly in the app or via Safari. Byline also has a great feature that lets you view articles offline which is ideal for flights or when you do not have a connection. This is our current favourite RSS reader for the iPhone and comes very highly recommended.

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8. The Typography Manual

The Typography Manual

The Typography Manual is a superb pocket reference guide for web designers and graphic designers. This well presented app is equally suitable as both a learning tool and a reference for typography fans. The app features a 60 page book covering the history of type, an anatomy of type glossary, an Em calculator and style guide.

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9. FTP on The Go

FTP On The Go

FTP On The Go is a surprisingly advanced FTP client for your iPhone. Ideal for fixing emergency problems on the go or just for viewing the source files of your websites. You can store files on your phone and upload images directly over FTP. The app supports multiple FTP accounts and can be protected by a master password. Obviously it is quite fiddly to type lots of code using the iPhones small keypad for making minor changes on the go this app is superb.

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10. Tweetie


A Twitter client may not be strictly an app for web designers but it will really help you keep up with the fast paced world of design. By following industry experts, software developers and fellow designers you can get the latest web design news, articles and developments. Tweetie is just one of many Twitter clients but we love the interface and the ability to handle multiple Twitter accounts.

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11. HTML Cheat Sheet

12. CSS Cheat Sheet

13. PHP Cheat Sheet

14. JavaScript Cheat Sheet

15. jQuery Cheat Sheet

More Useful Apps

16. CliqCliq Colors – Another nice colour picker app

17. Firetask – Simple yet elegant to-do list from with GTD elements

18. Sparks – Another nice app from Gerald Mesaric for idea management

19. Things – A very fully featured task manager

20. What The Font – Free app to help identify fonts from images

21. WordPress – Create and edit content for your WordPress blog

22. Are My Sites Up? – Quickly check the status of your websites

23. Source Viewer – App to view HTML, CSS or Javascript source code

24. Ego – Beautiful designed app to track social network and website stats

25. Kern – A game for all typography fans!

What are your favourites?

There are hundreds of apps that web designers can take advantage of. We’d love to know which ones you can’t live without so please feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Great List. I must admit that I don’t have any of those apps, so it looks like some shopping is in order.

    I also have one to add to the list. Mint.com has a great financial app (and it’s free) that lets you keep an eye on your accounts. It has saved me numerous overdraft charges.

  2. It’s too bad Jobs has several flaws, including loosing data, and Bjango has done nothing to address them in over 6 months. Apple has already released two updates since Bjango has been aware of the issues in Jobs, but I have seen nothing but empty promises. I think I have seen at least one update for each of their other apps, if not more for Beats. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of Jobs, and it is the best of its’ kind for the moment, and Bjango makes a lot of other sweet ass apps, but there support seems to be lacking a lot of…well support. 🙁

  3. Just gave the free version of Byline a try, and for a free app I can’t have any complaints.
    However, I wanted to be able to save interesting articles to Instapaper (to read later), and I’d have to open the article in Safari and then save to Instapaper that way. With Reeder, you can do it with a couple of taps, and Reeder’s cheaper than the paid version of Byline.

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